Kohinoor - 'Josh'

The Kohinoor’s brand having nationwide acceptability, ‘Josh Danedar’, consists of best quality CTC tea leaf granules. These leaves are considered to be most excellent and their blend is specially processed in order to meet the taste requirements of tea drinkers. The characteristics of ‘Josh Danedar’ which make it rise above the rest is its excellent mouth feel, strong flavor, rich color and original aroma.

Josh Danedar acquires the top rank in Kohinoor’s portfolio. Every single granule of its exclusive blend releases the richness of its flavor and color. So doesn’t matter if you want to have a good morning tea cup or a cup of tea to de-stress yourself, Josh Danedar always keeps you perky and active!

Kohinoor - 'Tez Mixture'

Giving a whole new perception to tea blending, Kohinoor TEZ Mixture presents you a unique combination of leaf and dust teas, providing consumers the aroma and flavor of leaf, and the color and strength of dust teas.

Kohinoor TEZ Mixture has been blended and processed to suite tea needs of every household. It is more than just a tea. It is a total family beverage which helps in bringing the loved ones closer by further strengthening the bond of love and care. TEZ Mixture is considered as a premium tea brand in southern parts of our country, while its popularity is rapidly rising in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well.

Kohinoor - 'ZabarDust'

When its about dust tea category, Kohinoor ZabarDust tops the list due to the fine quality granules, irresistible taste and aroma. Over the years, ZabarDust has become an ethnic brand due to its mighty popularity in Sindh and different clusters of Punjab, Balochistan & KPK regions.

The brand was specifically launched to celebrate the Sindh culture, hence to satisfy Sindh’s tea consumers only their favorite high grown Kenya teas are used. The quality of ZabarDust blend could be judged from the fact that only a small quantity of it is good enough for several perfect cups of tea, making it the most suitable tea brand for homes, tea shops and local dhabas. Kohinoor ZabarDust truly strengthens and secures relationships through its flavor of hospitality which is the essence of Sindhi culture and heritage. Its flawless quality is indeed the reason behind its success in winning over the people’s trust in Sindh.